"The other reality" is all around us! It is sometimes hidden in stains, rust or scales of paint. It is often the effects of time that gnaws matter that help to reveal it. My job as a photographer is to take the time to find images of a reality far removed from the original object and made completely autonomous.
Like the American photographer Aaron Siskind, friend of Pollock, Still, De Kooning or Rothko, I seek to set up the conditions for an uninhibited dialogue with expressionist and abstract painting or sculpture.
The photographed forms, metaphors of a world hidden within itself, are chosen for their evocative singularities, their symbolic and abstract resonances. They sometimes measure only a few millimeters, but the combination of shapes, lines and colors contributes to producing powerful and graphic representations, allowing the spectator to dive to meet his emotions. Then, through a process of intimate dialogue, build one's own interpretation of the image.